Hoar Frost Socks progress

I made a little progress on my newest socks. I'm still getting the hang of the mock cable, so it has been fairly slow going. It is very fiddly and I'm constantly paranoid I'm going to drop stitches. At least I am back to doing two-at-a-time again. I really liked my Diversion socks but it... Continue Reading →

Two cast-ons

After finishing my Ripple Bralette over the holiday, I decided to cast on something else right away. I wanted to make sure I'd have something to keep me busy today during conference calls. The yarn I'm using for this dishcloth is reclaimed from a frogged project. Several years ago when I was re-learning crochet I... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks finished!

They're done! These socks are painfully colorful. They've grown on me while I've been knitting them. They're so cheerful. I really loved this pattern, Diversion, and I hope to try it again with a slightly more tame self-striping yarn. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy these and wear them around the house while we're... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (11)

I have been working on these a lot now that my shawl is finished. Since the last time I showed them I've finished just about everything but the toe. With a little luck these should be done tomorrow!

Diversion Socks progress (10)

Heel flap and gusset pick-up done! A lot of that work got done while on the phone with my parents. It helps to have something calming to do during those calls, especially when they start talking about how often they are going out to the store. They go out more than I do, not a... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (9)

I'm all done with the leg and ready to start the heel flap now. I hit a bit of a mental rough patch over the weekend but I think I'm doing better today. It is hard to feel bad when you're staring at these socks. They're so bright and cheerful and ridiculous! I hope you... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (8)

I was so worried that I was going to stall out when I got to the second sock, but that is definitely not happening. The short rows make me pay attention, but I've practiced them enough that they're relatively quick now. At this rate I might finish them this week!

Diversion Socks progress (7)

Guess who powered through and finished the first sock? The toe flew off my needles. I didn't have much time to do more but I wanted to at least get the second stock started while I had so much momentum. I'm still shocked at how fast this got done. I'm being coy and not showing... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (6)

So much progress! I really got on a roll with this today so I just kept going until my momentum gave out. I'm all finished with the pattern and just need to knit a few more rows of stockinette before I get to the toe. It's practically done! #Blapril2020

Diversion Socks progress (5)

By most measures these socks are the worst sort of clown barf. Rainbows everywhere. In fact the spouse just came in and said they look like a hippie's VW Bus had an accident and I could only laugh because he's not wrong. And yet I am completely obsessed with them! Have you ever fallen in... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (4)

The heel is all set and I've picked up the gusset stitches. Everything looks a little funny to me but I think it's because I'm used to the heel taking up about half of the total stitch count and this pattern doesn't do that. I am thinking about adjusting the wave pattern slightly on the... Continue Reading →

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