Hippogriff Shorties started

I started on this pair of shorty socks this weekend. They are using some of my yarn advent minis, the prettiest of which is called "Hippogriff" so that's what I'm naming this project. Based on the other shorties I've made, I probably will need a third color to finish these off, but that's ok. I... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties finished!

I finished these short socks up in no time! Sure, they're still a little bit damp from blocking, but they should dry in time to wear them on Sunday for our holiday tradition of super xmas. I am really pleased with how these came out. When I split the yarn for my first pair there... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties started

I decided I wanted a pair of xmas shorty socks to wear around the house over the holidays. I cast these on a few days ago and am already almost done. There's just a few more stripes to go on the foot before I start the toes. I love how quickly shorties knit up. These... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks finished

I got these done over the weekend. I really love the way that they turned out! The white sparkle yarn on the heels/toes/cuffs works perfectly, and I love the solid and speckled stripes. These are going to be perfect to wear for xmas. Thank goodness I got them done in plenty of time. I can't... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (5)

The socks are coming along nicely. Work has been a lot less chaotic this week than last week, which has meant more normal knitting time in the evenings for me. I think I'm a bit over halfway through the foot already. That gives me a good chance at finishing this weekend. I can't wait to... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (4)

I've been working on my sweater more than these socks so far this week, but I still have some progress. This photo really shows off what a mess my needles become when I am in the middle of working on the heels of my socks. Sometimes I will split them onto two separate needles, but... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (3)

I split my knitting time over the weekend between my sweater and these socks. I finished the legs and one of the heels, and I'm pretty happy with that. This yarn continues to delight me every time I look at it. I swear the only reason I bother doing contrast heels/toes/cuffs is because then I... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (2)

I've been trying to alternate between my sweater and these socks during my knitting time this week. At least that way I feel like I am making some progress on both. Eventually I may need to make a push to get my socks done before xmas but that's ok with me. Working on them helps... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress

Once again I've let other projects distract me from my sock knitting, but I am still making some progress on these socks. There's still plenty of time to get them done before xmas so I'm not worried at all yet. I'm just going to enjoy working on these as the mood strikes me. The colors... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks started!

I finished one pair of socks and had to start this pair almost immediately. This is another skein of yarn from Area 51 Fibres and I am just completely in love. There is something completely magical about self striping yarn with bands of variegation/speckles in between the solid stripes. Since I had so many motivation... Continue Reading →

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