Scrappy Seattle Shorties progress (7)

It has been a couple weeks since the last time I showed my progress on these. I don't feel like I've been working very hard on them, but they have doubled in length since last time. The difference in pace is because I have been working on them at home a little bit, instead of... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Seattle Shorties progress (6)

I was hoping to post more often but real life is still interfering. My shortie socks are growing slowly but surely. It is a little frustrating that they are going so slow, but I really do enjoy having a steady, simple project that I can grab at work once a week. At some point when... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks finished!

I'm posting a little later than usual, but I got my socks finished! They do still need to be washed, but at least all the knitting and weaving in ends is done. I really like the way these turned out. The silver toes are a little silly but since nobody will ever see them but... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (12)

I got a lot of knitting done on these over the holiday weekend. It wasn't quite enough to finish them, but pretty close! I lost my game of yarn chicken with the scraps I was using for my heels/toes/cuffs, so I am finishing up the last little bit with silver. Tomorrow is an in-office day... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (10)

I worked on these socks during my bi-weekly craft night with friends and I made a little progress. I'm definitely not setting any speed records with this pair but I am still enjoying them. It always feels very odd to switch back and forth between knitting with worsted weight yarn like my sweater swatch, and... Continue Reading →

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