Finished Socks!

Aren't they beautiful?! This has been a huge goal of mine since I started to teach myself to knit, but I still can't believe how easy these were. Each one took a bit more than one month at my usual knitting pace, which isn't too bad. Now that I have some confidence I hope I... Continue Reading →


Sock progress (19)

I made it to the toe! This last bit should go very fast, and I'm hoping to get everything done by tomorrow. It will probably come down to me trying to figure out kitchener stitch again. I will absolutely have to watch a video about it again so I might leave that bit for its... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (18)

Getting so close to being finished now! I am all done with the pattern repeats and just have the toe left to go. I really hope my knitting needles hold out. I've been using inexpensive wood circulars and they're in really bad shape after knitting these socks. Both needles are quite worn and one of... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (17)

Look at all these neat little stitches! I could just sit and admire them all day, but then I wouldn't be finishing my socks. And I NEED to finish these socks. There are so many other pretty things I want to knit. As far as Blaugust, this week is "topic brainstorming week." Around here I... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (16)

This sock is inching ever closer to being done and I am so excited! The funniest part to me is that I don't even like wearing socks. In the summertime I try to wear sandals everywhere to avoid socks completely. But I am still somehow super excited about these socks because they've been a goal... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (15)

Look at me, posting on the weekend like it's #Blaugust or something. Today was surprisingly productive, especially given that I spent a bunch of time in the car. There's only 5 or 6 more pattern repeats to do before I get to the toe. When I stop to think about it, it's pretty wild to... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (13)

Progress progress progress! I had a long day with a visit to the dentist today. Thank goodness for knitting to help me relax and try to get back to normal. I was talking with a friend the other day about how to deal with stress and anxiety. I realized how important my daily creative thing... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (12)

I did get some knitting done during the democratic debate last night, and plan to do even more tonight too. I need something nice and calming like knitting to distract me from getting angry about politics.

Sock progress (11)

It's at the point where it's impossible to get a good photo without rearranging everything on the needles. I got a bit done early tonight, and I'm hoping to do some more during the debate too. Now that all the tricky bits are out of the way this sock is zooming along. In other news,... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (10)

I had some health issues over the weekend, but the silver lining was that I had lots of time to knit. I got the heel flap done and today I got started on the gusset. That's all of the hard parts done!

Second sock progress (9)

Today I'm weirdly grateful for all the self-doubt I was feeling yesterday. It ended up motivating me to take some extra "me" time tonight and I got a ton of knitting done! Now I'm already on the heel flap and I feel like I'm making solid progress again.

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