Very Green Socks started

I realized it has been a while since I cast on a full-sized pair of fingering weight socks. In fact I think the last pair I finished was back in December. Since then I've just been knitting shorties, or DK weight socks. So I decided it was time to get back to some "real" sock... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks finished!

I finished my caramel socks! DK socks are really satisfying when you want that super quick project completion fix. These were extra fun since I improvised the pattern. I've twisted the front sock slightly for the photo so you can see the cables. When I wear them, the cables run right down the center of... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks progress (3)

I didn't quite get them finished by today, but I'm close enough that I could finish them off tonight if I want to. All that is left is to complete the toes. I'm not always a huge fan of brown but the contrast color from this sock set has a gorgeous depth to it that... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks progress (2)

I'm well over halfway through these socks now. I got through the heels over the weekend and now I'm in the home stretch. The tiny bit of ribbing and cables I added have kept my interest very well. My hope is to get these done by the end of the week!

Caramel Socks progress

This project has been exactly what I needed to fill in the times when I can't concentrate too much on my knitting. I've been making up the pattern on the fly, based on a 44-stitch DK weight sock recipe. I thought I might just use a small ribbed pattern in the center front and back,... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks started

I needed an easy project to work on when I don't have the bandwidth to deal with my shawl. Socks are always my go-to for easy knitting. DK socks are even better since they work up so quickly. I really love this yarn and colorway, and I think the finished socks are going to be... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties finished!

I finished these up over the weekend. The colors look fantastic and I love everything about them. I also appreciate the weather here getting cooler for the next week so I can actually enjoy wearing them a bit before all my knitted things disappear for the summer.

Magical Shorties progress (2)

Now that my sweater is done (photos coming tomorrow!), I'm back to working on my socks. About half of the foot is finished now, and I continue to be in love with these colors. I know some folks get annoyed with pooling and flashing in variegated yarns, but I often love it. I might not... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties progress

I added in the main color for my socks and I am LOVING it. Both of these colorways are fantastic but I really love the way that "Color Spray" is working up. On the one hand I'm a little sad these will just be bed socks. On the other hand, they will get a lot... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties started

I wanted to make another pair of shortie socks this month, so I decided to get them started over the weekend. For something different, I am making them toe-up instead of top-down. It's not usually my preferred method, but since I'm trying to make this using only 2 mini skeins, I thought it would work... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties finished!

I got these all finished in no time! I was really happy that I had enough yarn to make these without breaking into a third color. There are about two extra rounds of the yellow "yochlol" color before the toe but otherwise it worked out perfectly. If I make another pair out of these advent... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties progress (2)

I knit a few more rows on my socks and I really enjoy this colorway. Orange and yellow are not usually my favorite colors but the speckles with the brown and green mixed in are just perfect. I even used the owlbear stitch marker that came with this advent because it matches too. There's still... Continue Reading →

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