Future Cast-Ons

No project photo today because seeing a few new rounds of plain stockinette is not exciting for anybody. I've been struggling a bit the past few weeks to come up with meaningful updates because of the kinds of projects I've been working on. Since I only have three active WIPs and they are all fairly... Continue Reading →

Stash Acquisitions

One of my big goals for this year is to reduce the size of my stash a bit. I've actually been doing fairly well with it. Although I have been buying yarn, I have also been finishing so many projects that my stash has still been decreasing. Then of course I broke down and added... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl started

After going through my thrift store yarn I discovered that several of the larger balls were in fact made up of many small pieces. I decided to scrap my plans for a hat and instead am making a mostly garter stitch cowl. I'm only a few rows in and you can see the large number... Continue Reading →

Thrift store finds

I visited my folks this weekend and while I was there I got this bag of thrift store mystery yarn. It is mostly worsted acrylic, with some other odds and ends thrown in. I like the colors at least. My plan is to make a hat with the bits I like the most and then... Continue Reading →

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