Sweater Swatched

One of my xmas gift plans for this year is to knit a sweater for my dad. I selected the Single Malt pattern by Maxim Cyr, and began swatching for it over the weekend. The swatch turned out well, although my gauge is a bit tight. Since I like this fabric, my plan is to... Continue Reading →

Double Swatch

I just barely finished one sweater and I've already swatched for the next one! My gauge was off a little bit so I decided to extend my swatch with a smaller needle (hence the garter bump in the middle of the swatch). I washed and blocked it, and then did all my math to figure... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch

Once my DK socks were done, I spent the rest of my weekend knitting time working on this swatch. This yarn is from my Dragon Hoard Yarn Halloween advent set, and I want to use most of the mini skeins to make a sweater. I spent a lot of time doing math to try to... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch Hat progress

This hat is coming along nicely. It looks like my gauge might be a little off for the sweater, but we will see how that changes once it has been washed and blocked. I really like the fabric this combination of yarn and needles is making so I don't want to mess with it too... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch Hat started

I seem to be trying to motor through all of my goals for January right out of the gate. I was getting everything together to start swatching for the sweater I have planned, and got a bit of inspiration. One of the knitting podcasts I watch, Sweet Tea No Shade, gave the suggestion of making... Continue Reading →

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