Fluff Nugget started!

I intended to start this Fluff Nugget Cardigan on Saturday but I got a little distracted. I cast on on Sunday and have added just a few rows. Part of the reason for the slow start was doing the tubular cast on for several hundred stitches. It looks great but it took an entire evening... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over finished!!

It's all done and it barely took one month from start to finish! I finished the bind off on the second sleeve yesterday morning and then threw it in to soak. This yarn bled a ton, so much so that I eventually gave up on trying to get all the excess dye out. I soaked... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (7)

I finished one sleeve! I used up every bit of yarn I could, and ended up with a pretty reasonable 3/4-length sleeve. If I had made the body as long as the pattern called for I probably would have had to do very short or cap sleeves instead. I've been trying it on constantly and... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (5)

I finished the body of my sweater over the weekend! Just like with my previous sweater, I got very nervous as I got closer and closer to the right length. I kept swapping to needles with a longer cable to try it on every few rows, and I'm sure my spouse was sick of me... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (4)

For some reason I've been working on this sweater like my life depends on it. This was my project for our craft night this week, plus I gave up some prime video game time to work on it too. I've almost doubled the amount of body ribbing done, and have made it about halfway through... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (3)

It has been a bit since I've shown my progress on this sweater. I've been working fairly steadily on it except for the few days where I was frantically trying to knit my St. Paddy's Day hat in time for the holiday. I tried it on recently, and now that there's a fair amount of... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (2)

I got a few rows done since last time, but they were an important few rows. Splitting for the sleeves in this pattern was a bit trickier than for my previous sweater. I had a lot of confusion about stitch marker placement, because the pattern said they were at the halfway point. I thought that... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress

I have been working on this sweater almost every day since I started it last week. The yarn is beautiful and has been completely lovely to work with so far. I have alternated skeins but I'm not even sure if it was necessary. It seems to fit ok as far as I can tell, but... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over started

Here is the reason I haven't worked on my socks much lately. I started this Pull Me Over sweater on Wednesday. Waaaay back in my first year of this blog I posted about finding some gorgeous yarn in a local thrift store. It has been sitting in my stash since then. It has called to... Continue Reading →

Cozy Classic Raglan progress (11)

I'm almost finished with the gray yarn on the second sleeve already. My brand new dragon progress keeper from The Corner of Craft is showing where I picked up my stitches. I've wanted one of her stitch markers for ages and finally caught a shop update and managed to snag two. They're super cute, tiny... Continue Reading →

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