Tea Towel finished!

It's all done! I finished the last bit in a hurry and it turned out great. I measured it against the tea towels we normally use in the kitchen and it is just about the perfect size. I'm going to give it a quick wash before we start using it, but otherwise it is ready... Continue Reading →

Tea Towel progress (3)

I'm almost finished with my tea towel. I wasn't sure if I could get five stripes of the variegated yarn out of the ball, but it turned out to be just the right amount. Now I just have the short stockinette stripe and one more dark green garter section and then I'll be done. It... Continue Reading →

Tea Towel progress (2)

I'm almost exactly halfway through this project. I think I am really going to like using this tea towel when it is done but it is a bit boring to work on at the moment. It's great for webinar knitting but unfortunately my days have been getting a bit too busy for that recently. I... Continue Reading →

Tea Towel progress

I picked this project back up for a little bit of mindless knitting. I've been trying to work out a stripe pattern that will use up as much of these two balls of yarn as possible. After making my placemats for xmas I should have known that this project was going to take me a... Continue Reading →

Tea Towel started

I actually started this project back before I started my sweater, but I never got around to showing it. This is mostly being made so I can use up some of my Dishie yarn without making more dishcloths. I've reached the point where I have too many dishcloths laying around and don't have enough people... Continue Reading →

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