Acorns Socks progress (7)

This, friends, is what happens when I get excited about learning new things. I went from having just started the acorn cap pattern on one sock, to having almost completed both socks. The acorn cap pattern stitch is a bit easier now that I've had a lot of practice with it. The pintuck was painful,... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (6)

I've made the switch over to doing these one at a time for now. Most likely I could have kept going with both together, but I was so unsure about how the stitch pattern would work and it was easier this way. The pattern that is meant to represent the acorn's cap is incredibly pretty... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (5)

I've been making progress on these socks much more than on my cardigan. I've finished both heels completely and am working my way up the legs. There are still a few more rows to go before the pattern changes, and until then I'm going to keep doing these two-at-a-time. The pattern at the top of... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (4)

I made it up through the heel flap and am ready to start on the leg now. I think I may try to work on these a lot this weekend. The top of the leg and the cuff of these socks have some new-to-me techniques and I'm excited to try them. One thing I need... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (3)

I worked on my socks much more than expected this weekend. I made it through the gusset on both socks and the heel turn of one. This gusset construction was new to me. It looks very nice but I do wonder if I'll be able to feel those increases as I am wearing the socks.... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (2)

Here's my latest progress on my socks. It's not a ton but it was enough to start transitioning into the next color of this gradient yarn. Oranges and yellows are not usually my thing but I think this gradient is going to be absolutely perfect for this pattern. I was hoping to be a bit... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress

I've made some reasonable progress on my socks. I started out using my new Hiya Hiya needles but the cable on them was too long to feel good so I swapped back to my 40" Chiaogoos. I think I will probably swap to the long cable when I am doing heel flaps and gussets, because... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks started!

I finished one pair of socks, which of course means I needed to cast on a new pair right away. This pattern choice is brought to you by the Nature's Cozy podcast. She showed off her beautiful Acorns socks in a recent show and it inspired me to make some too. The pattern seemed like... Continue Reading →

1986 Socks progress

There is not a whole lot of progress happening with these socks. I adore the yarn, but I'm currently so distracted by my sweater that I haven't been making any time for these. Once I finish the body of the sweater I think I will try to prioritize them for a little bit, at least... Continue Reading →

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