Halloween Socks finished!

They're done! For some reason it felt like it took longer than usual to weave in all the ends, but still a piece of cake. I'm glad I managed to get through these while it is still somewhat close to the spooky season. I'm also glad I ended up having exactly enough of the self-striping... Continue Reading →

DK Socks progress (2)

I made just a little progress on my socks since last time. They are looking wonderfully colorful and I can't wait to wear them. The DK weight means they are going pretty quickly and I expect I'll be done by the end of the weekend at the latest. What remains to be seen is whether... Continue Reading →

DK Socks progress

I got a lot of work done on my DK socks over the holiday weekend. I'm already well past the heel flap and gusset. I'm still sorting out how I feel about the fit of these socks but I love the way they look. I'm knitting the number of stitches that corresponds to the foot... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks finished!

I finished these socks just in time to meet my monthly goal! I was frantically grafting the toes late Saturday evening, and I got them done while it was still July. In the photo they may look a little funny. That's because I only have women's medium size sock blockers and these socks are much... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (4)

The socks are coming along nicely. I'm a little over halfway past the length that the Spouse has requested for the legs. They're still going a little bit slower than I am used to. I'm not sure why it feels that way. Maybe it is just the selfish knitter in me, being sad that I'm... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (3)

Now that my cardigan is finished it is time to get back to my other projects. These poor socks have been mostly forgotten, especially since I completely knit my shorties after starting this pair. Hopefully now I can work on these with less distractions. There's no actual deadline for them but I would like to... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (2)

I feel like I've been spending all of my time knitting my cardigan, but I did still manage to make some progress on these socks. I'm enjoying them much more now that I'm past all the twisted rib of the cuff. This is such a nice and mostly mindless project for watching TV. It's a... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress

The socks I'm working on for my spouse have grown a little bit. I finished the cuff and have moved on to the leg. I'm just doing a simple 6x2 rib to keep it slightly interesting and make the fit a bit more forgiving. He tried one on and gave me some feedback on how... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks started

I couldn't stay away from socks for very long. This pair will be for my spouse. I'm trying to see if 64 stitches on 2.5 mm needles will be a good size for him. I'm also experimenting with a wool-free yarn. It seems to be working up just fine so far. Once I get into... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks finished!!

They're done! This is by far the fastest I've ever completed a pair of socks. It's absolutely amazing to me that it only took a week. Plus, I completely love the way they turned out. They're a little bit tight due to the slip stitch pattern, but the final effect is so cool. The pattern... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks progress

I've been zooming through this pair of rainbow socks. The heels and gussets are already done and I'm partway through the foot. If I can get them finished by tomorrow it will be the first time I've ever knit a pair of socks in one week. Even if I don't get them done that quickly,... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks started!

I started these on Tuesday. They will be my combination Pride and Summer Sock Camp project for this month. I really like switching back and forth between vanilla socks and patterned socks. Vanilla socks are soothing and quick, but I get really bored of them by the time I'm finished. Patterned socks are fun and... Continue Reading →

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