Catching up from last week

My trip to DC was a success! I had a fantastic, exhausting time, met lots of amazing people, and even got a little bit of knitting done. In fact I met several other knitters who have had waaay more practice than me. Now I have new knitting goals. I took a few photos from my... Continue Reading →


Day 229: Photo

I traveled a bit and spent the day doing the tourist thing in DC.

Day 185: A Poem

This week's writing prompt was "my happy place." For me the first thing that came to mind was my honeymoon. Here's my poem about it.My Happy Place cool evening breezes tiny lizard feet paper umbrellas orchid-scented everything turtle breakfast companions teeming technicolor reefs so many waterfalls and a bird's-eye-view just this side of nauseous That... Continue Reading →

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