Spouse Socks progress (4)

The socks are coming along nicely. I'm a little over halfway past the length that the Spouse has requested for the legs. They're still going a little bit slower than I am used to. I'm not sure why it feels that way. Maybe it is just the selfish knitter in me, being sad that I'm... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (3)

Now that my cardigan is finished it is time to get back to my other projects. These poor socks have been mostly forgotten, especially since I completely knit my shorties after starting this pair. Hopefully now I can work on these with less distractions. There's no actual deadline for them but I would like to... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (2)

I feel like I've been spending all of my time knitting my cardigan, but I did still manage to make some progress on these socks. I'm enjoying them much more now that I'm past all the twisted rib of the cuff. This is such a nice and mostly mindless project for watching TV. It's a... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress

The socks I'm working on for my spouse have grown a little bit. I finished the cuff and have moved on to the leg. I'm just doing a simple 6x2 rib to keep it slightly interesting and make the fit a bit more forgiving. He tried one on and gave me some feedback on how... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks started

I couldn't stay away from socks for very long. This pair will be for my spouse. I'm trying to see if 64 stitches on 2.5 mm needles will be a good size for him. I'm also experimenting with a wool-free yarn. It seems to be working up just fine so far. Once I get into... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks finished!!

They're done! This is by far the fastest I've ever completed a pair of socks. It's absolutely amazing to me that it only took a week. Plus, I completely love the way they turned out. They're a little bit tight due to the slip stitch pattern, but the final effect is so cool. The pattern... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks progress

I've been zooming through this pair of rainbow socks. The heels and gussets are already done and I'm partway through the foot. If I can get them finished by tomorrow it will be the first time I've ever knit a pair of socks in one week. Even if I don't get them done that quickly,... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks started!

I started these on Tuesday. They will be my combination Pride and Summer Sock Camp project for this month. I really like switching back and forth between vanilla socks and patterned socks. Vanilla socks are soothing and quick, but I get really bored of them by the time I'm finished. Patterned socks are fun and... Continue Reading →

Mystic Topaz Socks!!

Remember when I said I was trying really hard not to cast on socks before June? Yeah, I failed. I decided to challenge myself to see if I could finish these in less than two weeks, and I succeeded. These got finished up over the long weekend. I used some really decadent merino-cashmere-nylon yarn from... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (5)

I've been making progress on these socks much more than on my cardigan. I've finished both heels completely and am working my way up the legs. There are still a few more rows to go before the pattern changes, and until then I'm going to keep doing these two-at-a-time. The pattern at the top of... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (4)

I made it up through the heel flap and am ready to start on the leg now. I think I may try to work on these a lot this weekend. The top of the leg and the cuff of these socks have some new-to-me techniques and I'm excited to try them. One thing I need... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks progress (3)

I worked on my socks much more than expected this weekend. I made it through the gusset on both socks and the heel turn of one. This gusset construction was new to me. It looks very nice but I do wonder if I'll be able to feel those increases as I am wearing the socks.... Continue Reading →

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