Scrappy Xmas Shorties finished!

All of the ends have finally been tamed! I really love how these turned out. The fun stripes make all the effort worth it. I already have a pair of xmas shorties that use some of the same yarn, but these make me extra happy because they finished off some scraps that I couldn't bear... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Xmas Shorties progress (3)

These went incredibly quickly! I have finished all of the knitting. I decided not to do the whole toe in red, and instead just did a stripe. I think it still looks good without overwhelming anything. Now I just need to graft the toes and then weave in the very large number of ends. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Xmas Shorties progress

I have been spending a good amount of time working on these scrappy shorties and am making lots of progress. I've already used up a couple different scraps, which is always nice. Although, I will probably be kicking myself for using so many small bits when it comes time to weave in all of these... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Xmas Shorties started!

Well it is December and I've already started a little festive project for myself. These are going to be extra scrappy shorties. I'm using up some self-striping yarn, plus bits and pieces of a mini skein set, and other various leftovers. They won't match exactly but they will definitely channel the holiday spirit. You can... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties finished!

I finished these short socks up in no time! Sure, they're still a little bit damp from blocking, but they should dry in time to wear them on Sunday for our holiday tradition of super xmas. I am really pleased with how these came out. When I split the yarn for my first pair there... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties started

I decided I wanted a pair of xmas shorty socks to wear around the house over the holidays. I cast these on a few days ago and am already almost done. There's just a few more stripes to go on the foot before I start the toes. I love how quickly shorties knit up. These... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks finished

I got these done over the weekend. I really love the way that they turned out! The white sparkle yarn on the heels/toes/cuffs works perfectly, and I love the solid and speckled stripes. These are going to be perfect to wear for xmas. Thank goodness I got them done in plenty of time. I can't... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (5)

The socks are coming along nicely. Work has been a lot less chaotic this week than last week, which has meant more normal knitting time in the evenings for me. I think I'm a bit over halfway through the foot already. That gives me a good chance at finishing this weekend. I can't wait to... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (4)

I've been working on my sweater more than these socks so far this week, but I still have some progress. This photo really shows off what a mess my needles become when I am in the middle of working on the heels of my socks. Sometimes I will split them onto two separate needles, but... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (3)

I split my knitting time over the weekend between my sweater and these socks. I finished the legs and one of the heels, and I'm pretty happy with that. This yarn continues to delight me every time I look at it. I swear the only reason I bother doing contrast heels/toes/cuffs is because then I... Continue Reading →

Xmas Socks progress (2)

I've been trying to alternate between my sweater and these socks during my knitting time this week. At least that way I feel like I am making some progress on both. Eventually I may need to make a push to get my socks done before xmas but that's ok with me. Working on them helps... Continue Reading →

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