Scratchy…purse! Completed!

Hooray! I finished this up today. The photo doesn't give any sense of scale, but it's about the right size for a phone. It's not a bad design for something I made up out of desperation. The colors still make my head hurt, but at least I'm done. I might hold on to the mostly... Continue Reading →

Scratchy Something progress

I spent a little time with this scratchy mess again today. I think one more session and it will be long enough for my purposes. If I'm lucky I can get it done before my mom comes to visit later this week and then I can give it to her right away!

Fortune’s Shawlette started

A while ago one of my twitterfriends pointed me toward the pattern for Fortune's Shawlette and I squirreled it away for a rainy day. Well that day is today. Or last night actually, because I couldn't wait. I have this lovely hand-dyed sparkle yarn from my local yarn shop that's been crying out for my... Continue Reading →

Maybe not a scratchy scarf?

As much as I complained about it, I can't quite bring myself to completely scrap this thing. I think I have another use for it that doesn't involve knitting an entire scarf. Unfortunately it does need to be at least a little bit longer before I can try out my idea, so I have a... Continue Reading →

More mitt progress

The good news is I made a good amount of progress on this glove tonight. The bad news is I've run out of episodes of the Great British Baking Show to watch while I crochet. We have to wait a while still for more episodes to be released on Netflix. Any suggestions for a good... Continue Reading →

Second glove progress

Had a rough, sick day today but I still got to enjoy working on these gloves for a little while. The zig-zags are so fun to make, they put a smile on my face even when I'm not feeling great. I really want to make a pair of these for myself in colors I like... Continue Reading →

Catching up from last week

My trip to DC was a success! I had a fantastic, exhausting time, met lots of amazing people, and even got a little bit of knitting done. In fact I met several other knitters who have had waaay more practice than me. Now I have new knitting goals. I took a few photos from my... Continue Reading →

Scratchy Scarf progress

I worked on my scratchy scarf a bit more today in-between packing for my trip. When I've been working on my double knit project I feel like I'm terribly slow, so it is fun to see the rows flying along when I'm doing simple garter stitch. I'll be out of town by the time you... Continue Reading →

Scratchy scarf cast on

After all my pouring over Ravelry trying to choose a pattern yesterday, I've abandoned all my plans. Tonight I decided to cast on a simple garter stitch scarf that I can just work mindlessly while I'm away. My fancy circulars are so nice to work with I got much more done than I meant to.... Continue Reading →

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