Fluorite Musselburgh finished!

It has been done for a few days now, but it is finally blocked and dry and ready to show off! My calculations for the brim seemed to have worked out perfectly. You can wear it with the purple brim, or flip it inside out and have the variegated yarn the whole way up. I... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (8)

I have officially reached the point of starting the decreases for this hat. Yes, it is still slightly shorter than the pattern calls for, but it is still a little longer than my other Musselburgh so I'm calling it good. Mostly I just decided that I needed to be finished with this project so I... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (7)

This is what happens when I can manage to focus on just one project for a few days. Suddenly this hat has grown by several inches! I think I am definitely getting close to starting the decreases. One thing I didn't take into account when I started is that this yarn is superwash, while my... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (6)

I really hope I didn't mess up my plans for this hat. I've finished the solid section, and did end up using the entire mini skein. When I compared with my other Musselburgh it looks like I should be a bit over halfway done. However when I looked up the pattern I realized that I... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (3)

I'm taking a quick break from my Funfetti to bring you this update on my hat. There's less than an inch to go before I add my contrast color. I took a bunch of measurements on my other Musselburgh to try to get the placement right, and I really hope it works.

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (2)

I ended up swapping my 16" circulars for magic loop because I could not get a comfortable grip with the shorter needle tips. This sounded familiar to me, so I checked my notes from my previous Musselburgh, and sure enough I had done the same thing, at almost the exact same point in the pattern.... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress

I've added some length to this hat, and am completely done with the increases. Now it is just miles and miles of stockinette for the foreseeable future. At some point I will start laying this out next to my other Musselburgh hat to try to figure out where to add the contrast color. I would... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh started!

My Musselburgh hat is one of my most worn knits. Over the weekend I got the urge to cast on another one. The only complaint I have about my original Musselburgh is that I wish it was a little longer. I knit until I was completely out of yarn, so it is as big as... Continue Reading →

Fast Hat finished!

I finished up this hat on Saturday night. It looks a little bell-shaped but it fits pretty nicely. Considering that I was making up this pattern as I went I think it turned out really well. It used up most of the leftover yarn from the shawl and it matches perfectly. Puzzling out how to... Continue Reading →

Fast Hat started

Since I had plenty of yarn leftover from my "It's That Fast" cowl, I decided to start on a matching hat right away. I'm making up the pattern as I go, based on the stitch pattern from the cowl. Hopefully it will fit ok when it is done. I started with a 3x3 folded brim,... Continue Reading →

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