Plastic Slopes Hat finished!

That was FAST! I looked back in the blog archives and it took me about 20 days to make this hat the first time I tried it. Between the extra pandemic knitting time and all the knitting practice I've had, it only took about 3 days to finish this time. Plus, my tension is way... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat progress

One thing is for sure, my progress on this hat is much faster than on the first one I made. I'm already around halfway through the main portion of the hat. The pattern is a very simple 4 row repeat but the multiple colors keep everything interesting. On a personal level I'm so grateful that... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat started

Way back in 2018 I made a hat from some yarn my folks brought back from their trip to Ireland. I had a lot of yarn leftover from that project and have always meant to make another hat with it. I weighed the yarn and it should be enough. I'm curious how differently this one... Continue Reading →

Bus Hat #2 finished!

Well that didn't take long! I got far enough along that I wanted to finish the last few decrease rows at home. I'm still a little annoyed at myself for messing up the ribbing, but I'm still pretty happy with the finished product. This one will go to the spouse so we can be adorable... Continue Reading →

Bus Hat #2 progress

Here's some proof that I actually started a second hat. It's also proof that I messed something up for a few rows of the 1x1 ribbing. I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like I may have been knitting inside out for a bit. That's what I get for knitting on a bus before... Continue Reading →

Bus Hat #2

I couldn't stand the thought of not having bus knitting so I started another hat right away. I will need to find someone I like a lot to give this extra hat to. I love this yarn so much but I don't actually need two identical hats...

Bus Hat finished!

Wow that felt intensely fast! Just a few weeks of knitting every day on the bus and I'm already done. The pattern is Bankhead, and it was exactly perfect for bus knitting: not quite as boring as plain stockinette, but simple enough that I could knit mindlessly when I wasn't quite awake yet in the... Continue Reading →

Bus Hat progress (2)

I didn't get any knitting done over the weekend at all. I spent most of my time cleaning and unpacking. My creative contributions were making a pizza from scratch, and putting together Ikea furniture. Since I don't have any new shawl progress to show, you get to see the progress on my bus hat instead.... Continue Reading →

Bus Hat progress

I'm alive! And so is my internet! I figured I'd update you on my bus knitting first since that's what I've had a chance to work on every day. I've been experimenting with the schedule a bit to figure out what works for me. I discovered that the commute can range from 15 minutes to... Continue Reading →

Weekend Catch-up

The good news is that I moved out of my apartment and into a new house near my new job. The bad news is that since the move I have been without any internet at home! I've gotten loads of knitting done but haven't been able to update about it here all week. In the... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving projects

I had every intention of getting tons of work done on my socks over the holiday weekend. Instead, I started and finished multiple new projects and barely touched my socks. On Friday I braved going out to buy some supplies from the craft store, and bought some fuzzy yarn I couldn't resist. After debating patterns... Continue Reading →

Second Sun Hat finished!

It's all done! I definitely like the colors of this one better than the first one for myself. I will probably give the other one away. This one will be going on vacation with me in a few weeks!

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