St. Paddy’s Hat

I was browsing new patterns over the weekend and ran across this St. Paddy's Hat. It seemed like a good way to use up some of the wool I had bought for Christmas Balls that never got made. It also seemed like good practice for doing stranded colorwork. Even though I made several colorwork projects... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch Hat finished!

The sweater swatch hat is done! I tried it on and it made me look like a weird fuzzy baby bird somehow. The yarn is almost too fuzzy for a hat. I washed and blocked it and am still waiting for it to be fully dry before I measure my gauge. I'm very excited to... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch Hat progress

This hat is coming along nicely. It looks like my gauge might be a little off for the sweater, but we will see how that changes once it has been washed and blocked. I really like the fabric this combination of yarn and needles is making so I don't want to mess with it too... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch Hat started

I seem to be trying to motor through all of my goals for January right out of the gate. I was getting everything together to start swatching for the sweater I have planned, and got a bit of inspiration. One of the knitting podcasts I watch, Sweet Tea No Shade, gave the suggestion of making... Continue Reading →

Waffle Hat

One of my goals for this month was to make a hat, and I managed to check it off the list in one day. I started this hat in the morning on New Year's Day, and managed to finish and weave in the ends before midnight that night. It was not a bad way to... Continue Reading →

Deco Grid Beanie

I wanted to use up some more of the leftover yarn I had from my puffin hats. Looking around, I found the Deco Grid Beanie and really loved it. I started it over the weekend and finished it up yesterday. I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. The color is definitely not my jam,... Continue Reading →

Gift Hat

Late last week I started this hat. Mostly I wanted to use up some of the extra yarn I had from my puffin hat(s). After some conversation with my friend who really liked this color, I decided it would be a hat for him. It was good relaxation knitting while I went to the dentist... Continue Reading →

Puffin Hat take two

I finished this hat over the weekend, and finally got all the ends woven in. It's a bit better than the first attempt, but still a little on the small side. I modified the pattern a bit to add some extra stitches. This time I did the four-color rows as stranded colorwork instead of doing... Continue Reading →

Puffin Hat!

I've wanted to make this hat for a while. I have a relative who loves puffins, and I wanted to give this as an xmas gift. This is the first time I've done colorwork in a while, and I am not super great at it. I was fine for the sections with two colors, but... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat finished!

That was FAST! I looked back in the blog archives and it took me about 20 days to make this hat the first time I tried it. Between the extra pandemic knitting time and all the knitting practice I've had, it only took about 3 days to finish this time. Plus, my tension is way... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat progress

One thing is for sure, my progress on this hat is much faster than on the first one I made. I'm already around halfway through the main portion of the hat. The pattern is a very simple 4 row repeat but the multiple colors keep everything interesting. On a personal level I'm so grateful that... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat started

Way back in 2018 I made a hat from some yarn my folks brought back from their trip to Ireland. I had a lot of yarn leftover from that project and have always meant to make another hat with it. I weighed the yarn and it should be enough. I'm curious how differently this one... Continue Reading →

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