Sun hat progress

It's already almost done! Just a few more rounds around the brim and it will be finished. This is a really nice pattern to let my brain take a break from knitting lace for a little while.


Sun Hat started

One of my goals this month is to crochet something. Since I'm going to the beach soon I figured I would try to make myself a cute sun hat. I actually started this over the weekend, but it wasn't much to look at yet. Now it actually looks like it might be a hat. I... Continue Reading →

Hat finished!

Hooray! I actually finished it a couple days ago, but was busy traveling to visit with friends so you had to wait to see it. I am generally happy with it, but I wish I had used a less busy yarn so the cables would stand out more. They were a lot of work and... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (17)

In truth the hat is actually "finished" today, in that I don't have any more knitting to do. However it is still missing a pom-pom so I can't quite call it done. Still, I'm relieved that all the hard work is over, and it is totally wearable even if I don't get around to adding... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (16)

I'm inching closer and closer to the finish line. Today I did my last cable row and started decreasing. I hope it will go really fast now that there are fewer and fewer stitches with each row, and no annoying cables to slow everything down. I might actually get it done in time to use!

Hat progress (15)

I made a bunch of progress on this hat since the last time I posted about it. In fact there's only one or two more rows to go before I start decreasing to finish it up. If I hurry I might even be able to wear it before next winter. I'm heading north for a... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (14)

I got a few rows done and it is really starting to look like a hat now. I'm almost finished the third repeat of the cable pattern. I need to get this finished soon because I'm spending too much time daydreaming about what my next project will be.

Hat progress (13)

I had a really good weekend, even if it did involve a bit too much time in the car for my liking. Getting to hang out with the spouse and my kitties is always worth it. Now I'm back on my own and have plenty of time to knit.

Hat progress (12)

I've made it to the 3rd repeat of the cable pattern. Slow and steady makes a hat. I'm not sure what my next knitting project is going to be after this, but I know it won't have cables. They look amazing but they slow me down so much. I need a break!

Hat progress (11)

I like to complain about my slow progress, but honestly it's still fun to watch this hat grow bit by bit. The cable pattern is much more complicated than the scarf, but now that I have one and a half repeats done I can see just how cool it looks. I can't wait to see... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (10)

Made a little progress tonight. I will be traveling this weekend so I'm not sure if I'll have time to get any more done before next week, so I'm glad I had a few minutes today.

Hat progress (9)

It feels very unexciting to post my tiny incremental updates every day, but on the other hand I am so happy to have time to knit again at all. Plus, with enough incremental updates I'll eventually have a finished hat, although I'll probably have to wait until next winter to wear it. It's supposed to... Continue Reading →

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