Yarn chicken dishcloth

I tried to throw together a second dishcloth from the leftover yarn, but I definitely lost at yarn chicken. I was only able to make 13 out of 14 repeats for the pattern before I ran out. Fortunately I think it will still lay flat once I sew it together. If not I will just... Continue Reading →

Diagon Ally Socks progress (5)

I got a whole lot of knitting done this weekend! It's a lot easier to knit when I stay at my apartment, without the cats vying for my attention constantly. These socks have nearly doubled in length in a few days. Hopefully I'll finish the leg soon so I can start on the complicated part... Continue Reading →

Diagon Ally Socks progress (3)

I got a few more rows done on my socks today. Once I got past the initial issues with learning how to knit two at a time I've really been enjoying these. I can definitely see why some folks like to make a lot of socks. They're interesting without being overly complicated, and they're small... Continue Reading →

Diagon Ally Socks progress (2)

Another couple days of progress and I am definitely liking the two-at-a-time method now. These socks feel like they are flying compared to my first pair. It also helps that for the leg section the pattern is much simpler and easy to memorize.

Diagon Ally Socks progress

Now that I've had some time with it I am starting to get the hang of the two-at-a-time method. I think I'm starting to like it. My main complaint is that having two cakes of yarn and two strands to keep straight makes the whole project less portable. The upside is that this feels way... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl progress (2)

I made some more progress on this silly thing tonight. It feels very good to see something work up so quickly after fiddling with lace for so long. It's also pretty fun to make it up as I go along instead of worrying about a pattern. This might not be the most beautiful project I've... Continue Reading →

Diagon Ally Socks restarted

I decided to restart my second pair of socks, partly because I wanted to use the yarn I bought in Seattle right away, and partly because I really wanted to learn how to knit two at a time. So far the whole TAAT thing feels like more trouble than it is worth. I keep getting... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl progress

I think I spent more time weaving in ends than I have spent knitting this monstrosity. I do kind of like the idea of taking lots of things that everyone loves to hate like acrylic yarn, eyelash and fake fur, and turning it into something pretty. Well I guess we'll see if it actually ends... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl started

After going through my thrift store yarn I discovered that several of the larger balls were in fact made up of many small pieces. I decided to scrap my plans for a hat and instead am making a mostly garter stitch cowl. I'm only a few rows in and you can see the large number... Continue Reading →

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