Vampire Squid Blanket Pattern

I’m an Oceanographer, and although I don’t study squid, I do love them very much. The vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) is one of my favorite sea creatures. Maybe it says something about me, but when I saw people making mermaid tail blankets, my first thought was "I want that, but as a weird deep sea... Continue Reading →

Vampire Squid “Mermaid Blanket” Finished!!!

Ok folks, this is hands down the most insane thing I have ever created. You've heard me talk about my "red blanket of doom", but I didn't post many photos of it. The truth is I was keeping it a secret until it was finished because the idea is so ridiculous and I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

Vacation Pictures!

I am back from my work and play in beautiful Hawaii. Tomorrow I'll show you my scarf progress, but for today I wanted to share some photos I took on my trip. I spent a week doing work stuff on Oahu, and then went to the big island to relax before coming home. Everything was... Continue Reading →

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