Yarn Dyeing Experiment

I jumped into my yarn dyeing experiment just as soon as my Wingspan was off the needles. I wound the leftover yarn into a hank and soaked it in tap water for a few hours. Then I dropped it into the stock pot with some vinegar and food coloring, and crossed my fingers. I went... Continue Reading →

Wingspan Finished!!!!

I can't believe it is finally done! It feels absolutely amazing to get this thing off of my needles. This project was cast on back in July of 2020. Over the past few years I have picked at it here and there, but it wasn't until this year that I really made it a priority... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (21)

I have been working on this almost nonstop since I decided to dye it. That one decision has completely changed how I feel about this whole project. It's no longer just a sea of annoying pink, it is a blank canvas for future creativity and experimentation! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (14)

Here's this week's update on my granny square blanket. I haven't worked on it too much since I've been spending almost all of my time working on my Wingspan. I did at least manage to use up the last of the yellow scrap yarn from my stash. The blanket is growing nicely and is almost... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (20)

I know I said I was taking a break from this project, but I had a revelation and I am back at it already. I was chatting with a friend who has also knit this pattern, trying to untangle all of the things that were making me unhappy about my project. The biggest factor by... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (19)

Unless you look closely, it might be hard to tell this photo apart from the one I posted yesterday. The main difference is that I knit a couple extra rows and moved the lifeline up to the current row. That means I am officially at the decision point for which size I want to knit.... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (18)

I spent a lot of my weekend knitting time working on my wings. There's a lot of progress since the last time I checked in. In fact I am just a handful of short rows away from being finished with the medium size. Even though I am dying to get this project off of my... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (3)

Here's a little bit more progress on my tee. You can really see the marled effect of the yarn now, and I really like it. My biggest concern at this stage is how uncomfortable I am with knitting bottom-up. This seems large to me but I don't have a good way to get a better... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (13)

It's time for my weekly Granny Blanket update. I've slowed down on this project a bit as expected now that the weather is warmer. That doesn't mean I've stopped completely though. After my experiment of using DK yarn held double worked so well, I decided to use that trick again. This time I was using... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (17)

I haven't made a ton of progress since my last post, but I wanted an excuse to share the full scale of the project. It has been a while since I posted a photo of the whole shawl, and you can really see how much it has grown since I started paying more attention to... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress

I have done a fair amount of knitting on my tee since last week. Now that it is just plain stockinette it is very relaxing. I still have to keep count of my rows for a few more decreases, but otherwise I can freely watch tv or pay attention to other things while I knit... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (16)

This is the progress I made on my Wingspan over the weekend. I managed to finish the first 10 row repeat and move my lifeline. That means I've added almost 100 stitches since the transition section, and it is starting to feel like more of a proper shawl size now. It is unlikely that I... Continue Reading →

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