Very Green Socks progress (11)

I managed to get a few stripes added to my socks over the last couple days. They are looking really good. Now that I am on the foot section, it is very noticeable how I have to slow down on the slipped stitch rows, but I still think they are worth it. I also like... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (2)

Here's my current sweater progress. Once again my poor socks are left unloved because I'm more interested in a bigger project. I can't help myself though. The start of a top-down sweater is especially satisfying since the round start out so short. You feel like you are flying along for a little while!

Single Malt progress

I got a decent start on this sweater over the weekend. I really love the texture that this pattern uses, even if it does slow me down a bit. The color is also really nice. It's a little darker of a green than it appears in the photo, and there's a very pretty subtle heather... Continue Reading →

Single Malt started!

It took me a couple tries to actually get the cast on for this sweater correct, but it is all set now! This will eventually be a Single Malt sweater for my dad. I'm hoping to get it finished in time for xmas. It is a heavy worsted weight pattern, so it should go pretty... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (10)

I worked on these socks during my bi-weekly craft night with friends and I made a little progress. I'm definitely not setting any speed records with this pair but I am still enjoying them. It always feels very odd to switch back and forth between knitting with worsted weight yarn like my sweater swatch, and... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatched

One of my xmas gift plans for this year is to knit a sweater for my dad. I selected the Single Malt pattern by Maxim Cyr, and began swatching for it over the weekend. The swatch turned out well, although my gauge is a bit tight. Since I like this fabric, my plan is to... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (9)

I've been back to prioritizing gaming over knitting this week, but I did still get some progress on my socks since the last time I updated. Both heels are done and I am just starting on the foot. Usually this part goes quickly for me since there is nothing complicated left to worry about once... Continue Reading →

Another Seamless Circular Dishcloth

I wanted to use up some more cotton yarn so I decided to make yet another dishcloth. I keep playing around with variations of this pattern to find out what I like best. The "seamless" version, which starts with a provisional cast on and ends with grafting, definitely looks the best. This cloth was made... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (8)

I spent a little more time knitting instead of playing video games over the last day. That means I have some good progress on my socks. They are just at the point where I want to put in the heels. I'm a relatively recent convert to short row heels, so that is what I will... Continue Reading →

Seamless Circular Dishcloth

I finished this a couple days ago, but it had to wait because I was too excited to show off my finished tee. I cast on fewer stitches than the pattern called for, forgetting that the Dishie yarn makes a slightly smaller cloth to begin with. The result is almost but not quite too small... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (6)

Now that my tee is done I can actually dedicate some time to finishing these socks. I really love this self-striping yarn from Nomadic Yarns, the color is really glorious. I also like that this pair of socks will be a bit different from the other pair I made with this yarn, since I'm planning... Continue Reading →

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