Halloween Socks progress (5)

I do have other projects on the needles but it has been nice to focus on just this one all week. It reminds me a bit of back when I first started this blog, just watching a single project grow a little bit every day. I've finished the heels of these socks so it should... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress (4)

The story of these socks seems to be unmet goals. I just haven't had much time to knit lately. On the plus side I got to see my Dad last night for his birthday and he loved his Volcano Trail cowl. It is always fun to give a knit gift to someone who appreciates it,... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress (3)

Well I definitely didn't make my goal of finishing the heels before tonight. I got most of the way through one of them but just didn't have enough knitting time to finish both. I'll be able to start on the second one tonight and see how far I can get. The shadow wrap heel is... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress

I didn't spend a ton of time knitting over the weekend but when I did I was working on these socks. I'm not sure I'll be able to get them done in time for Halloween but that's ok. It is still putting me in the spooky mood to work on them, and I have my... Continue Reading →

Beanie Lines finished!

Well that didn't take long. That was a very fun, quick project. I think it turned out really well. The ribbing means it should fit a wide range of people but the "lines" made it slightly more interesting to make and a little more interesting to look at. I'm nearly done with my xmas gift... Continue Reading →

Beanie Lines progress

As predicted, this simple project has been flying along. In fact, I'm just about to the decrease section, so it should be finished later tonight or tomorrow. My recent colorwork project was fun but it's always nice to make something that is so simple and fast. It feels great to get something on and off... Continue Reading →

Beanie Lines started

I finished one hat and immediately started on another one. I only have a few more to make to finish my planned gift knitting for this year so I'm eager to get them done. This colorway is a bit more subdued but it's a good match for this pattern. An entirely ribbed hat may or... Continue Reading →

Unbearable Hat finished!

This adorable hat is all done! I absolutely loved making this project. The yarn (Knit Picks Swish DK) was surprisingly nice to work with, and the colorwork was a ton of fun. This one is intended as a gift but I loved making it so much and I love the finished object so much that... Continue Reading →

Unbearable Hat progress (4)

And now we finally see why this is named the Unbearable Hat! This project has been really fun so far and I am enjoying the colorwork practice. I have still not quite mastered catching my floats but I'm doing a passable job. This sure seems a lot less bunched and uneven than my first puffin... Continue Reading →

Unbearable Hat progress (3)

I made it up to the colorwork section. It has been a while since I've done any stranded colorwork so it took a few rows to get back into the rhythm of it. Hopefully I didn't mess up the tension too much. It is hard to judge when you are using circular needles that are... Continue Reading →

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