Day 354: Starting a Jaeger

I’m starting on another plastic model kit, and got a torso done. This will eventually be a Jaeger from Pacific Rim: Uprising. If you’ve never seen the Pacific Rim Movies, a Jaeger is a giant robot piloted by 2 or 3 people inside that fights giant monsters. Also you should go watch Pacific Rim, it is my favorite movie of all time!

I also did a little bit of knitting practice today too just to keep up my momentum. I feel like if I keep practicing I might eventually get the hang of it. It definitely feels a lot better than my last few attempts at knitting. Progress!


Day 349: Captain Phasma, and some big goals

I finished building Captain Phasma and I think she looks amazing. The chrome is so shiny I had trouble taking a good picture without getting tons of weird reflections. It looks fantastic in person, though. Sure it is built from a kit, but I consider it the same as making a scarf from a crochet kit. They provide the materials and instructions, and I provide the time and skill to turn it into a finished object. I had a lot of fun and I have two more model kits to try when I’m ready for more. Continue reading “Day 349: Captain Phasma, and some big goals”

Day 346: Captain Phasma progress

Captain Phasma has legs now! I was going to block off the background so you couldn’t see my messy desk but actually I’m happy to show off my mess. There’s multiple kinds of crafts represented, and multiple nerdy genres. It might be a mess but it’s my weird mess and I love it.

Day 344: Captain Phasma

Well this is a big departure from what I have been doing lately. I have been having some pain during crochet time lately and it turns out I have a case of “crochet elbow”. That’s like tennis elbow except it comes from spending too much time swearing at yarn instead of swearing at tennis balls or something. It should get better with rest, ice, and ibuprofen, but for the time being I need to limit the amount of crochet I’m doing. Hence Captain Phasma here. Putting together model kits uses a whole different posture, so it didn’t cause me any discomfort. It was fun to hang out with the spouse for an evening while we both worked on our models.

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