Vampire Squid Blanket Pattern

I’m an Oceanographer, and although I don’t study squid, I do love them very much. The vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) is one of my favorite sea creatures. Maybe it says something about me, but when I saw people making mermaid tail blankets, my first thought was "I want that, but as a weird deep sea... Continue Reading →

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Wingspan progress (18)

I spent a lot of my weekend knitting time working on my wings. There's a lot of progress since the last time I checked in. In fact I am just a handful of short rows away from being finished with the medium size. Even though I am dying to get this project off of my... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (3)

Here's a little bit more progress on my tee. You can really see the marled effect of the yarn now, and I really like it. My biggest concern at this stage is how uncomfortable I am with knitting bottom-up. This seems large to me but I don't have a good way to get a better... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (13)

It's time for my weekly Granny Blanket update. I've slowed down on this project a bit as expected now that the weather is warmer. That doesn't mean I've stopped completely though. After my experiment of using DK yarn held double worked so well, I decided to use that trick again. This time I was using... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (17)

I haven't made a ton of progress since my last post, but I wanted an excuse to share the full scale of the project. It has been a while since I posted a photo of the whole shawl, and you can really see how much it has grown since I started paying more attention to... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress

I have done a fair amount of knitting on my tee since last week. Now that it is just plain stockinette it is very relaxing. I still have to keep count of my rows for a few more decreases, but otherwise I can freely watch tv or pay attention to other things while I knit... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (16)

This is the progress I made on my Wingspan over the weekend. I managed to finish the first 10 row repeat and move my lifeline. That means I've added almost 100 stitches since the transition section, and it is starting to feel like more of a proper shawl size now. It is unlikely that I... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress

I have spent surprisingly little time working on this project this week. My wingspan has been taking priority instead. Still, I've finished the hem and have just started in on the main body. I'm a little nervous about doing a bottom-up pullover for the first time, especially since I will probably be cutting it pretty... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (12)

It's been another week of progress on my Granny Blanket. This week I got about 6 rows done. I'm actually running through my scraps a bit more quickly than anticipated, which is not a bad thing. It did lead me to use some DK weight yarn held double just to add a small bit of... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (15)

Here's my Wingspan progress from the last week. Most of my work on this shawl gets done over the weekend, when I can sit down, watch some podcasts, and pay attention to my knitting. I still have a long way to go, but I am proud of myself for sticking with it so well lately.... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee started

Once my socks were done, I had a craving for another simple project. This bottom-up cotton tee will fit the bill since it will be miles of stockinette once I get past the hem section. I ordered this yarn earlier this year and intended to use it for my Pride month project. Since this is... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks finished!

I finished my caramel socks! DK socks are really satisfying when you want that super quick project completion fix. These were extra fun since I improvised the pattern. I've twisted the front sock slightly for the photo so you can see the cables. When I wear them, the cables run right down the center of... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks progress (3)

I didn't quite get them finished by today, but I'm close enough that I could finish them off tonight if I want to. All that is left is to complete the toes. I'm not always a huge fan of brown but the contrast color from this sock set has a gorgeous depth to it that... Continue Reading →

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