Day 1: A New Blog

I’ve been lamenting my lack of creative output lately. Over the years I’ve dabbled in lots of hobbies that I couldn’t quite stick with, from digital art to learning the ukulele.  This blog represents a challenge to myself to be creative again:

Do one creative thing a day, and stay positive.

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Day 42: BB8 Beanie!

I’m so ridiculously proud of this thing even if the fit is a little big for me. Not only does it look awesome but I made it from start to finish in only 3 days!

Day 39: More sewing

Here’s a view from the bottom, since that’s what I’ve been staring at while I sew the tentacles together. The black and white spirals are actually quite pretty. I was hoping to get it finished today but didn’t have enough uninterrupted time. With a little luck I’ll be showing off the finished product tomorrow!

Day 38: Sewing

Sewing is even less glamorous than crocheting the edges together, but it needs to be done. Now one tentacle is complete. I’m hoping to get this project finished this weekend.

Day 37: Tentacle 2

Another day, another tentacle to crochet. Finishing isn’t very fun or exciting but it does make everything look all nice and neat. Plus it makes the tentacles look like proper octopus tentacles instead of spiraling jellyfish tentacles.

Day 35: Octo-progress

So much progress tonight! If I wanted to lie I could say I’m done, but the truth is I still have to finish stuffing and then attach the bottom. Hopefully just one or two more nights and I’ll be all done!

Day 34: An Eye

One octopus eye with eyelid. I also finished the bottom. Soon it will be time to start stuffing and sewing everything together! It’s amazing how fast a project can go when you set aside a little time for it every day.

Day 31: Octo-body

I finished the last tentacle today! I know there’s still a lot of work left to do but it’s satisfying seeing it actually look like a cute octopus now.

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