Stormy Day Socks progress (9)

It is very rainy here and will continue to be rainy for several days, so I'm grateful for these happy rainbows. I got the toes half done today. My day was just too busy to do any more than that. I'm still happy with the progress, and I'm still on track to be finished by... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (8)

Lots of conference calls and tv watching today meant lots of sock progress. I'm just to the toe now, so these will be finished before I know it. My goal is to be able to cast on my sock club socks by the weekend. Toes are usually very speedy except for the grafting at the... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (7)

Sometimes it definitely helps to have a buddy for motivation. I joined a monthly sock yarn club with a friend and we were both excited to knit socks together (virtually). I was hoping to finish these socks before my yarn got here but then I kept playing games during my knitting time. Because of the... Continue Reading →

One Skein Wonder progress (10)

My weekend was entirely unproductive on the creative front. I should have guessed that would happen since Horizon Zero Dawn released for the PC on Friday. I spent all my free time playing instead of crafting. So today you get to see the progress on my One Skein Wonder, which continues to inch along during... Continue Reading →

Garden Experiment update

It has been a few weeks since I gave a garden update. This photo was taken just before the tropical storm rolled through my area. The plants all got moved to safer locations and seem to be recovering just fine. The squash plant has been producing really well. We're at the point where we have... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (6)

I've been spending most of my knitting effort this week on these socks. There's some sock club yarn on the way to me and I'd like to get these done before it gets here if I can! I'm finished with the gusset decreases and well into the foot section. Struggling with having all of the... Continue Reading →

Stash Acquisitions

One of my big goals for this year is to reduce the size of my stash a bit. I've actually been doing fairly well with it. Although I have been buying yarn, I have also been finishing so many projects that my stash has still been decreasing. Then of course I broke down and added... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (5)

As you can see, I made a bunch of progress on these over the weekend and have been working on them this week. I've finished the heel flap and turn and have started on the gusset decreases. I'm trying out a slightly different two-at-a-time method here and I'm not sure I like it. I usually... Continue Reading →

Wingspan started!

I realized I listed this project in my July WIPs but I hadn't posted about it yet. This humble beginning will hopefully turn into a gorgeous Wingspan (Ravelry link) shawl. Someday. It is using a 300g skein of fingering weight yarn, so it is going to be a good long while before that day. I... Continue Reading →

August 2020 Goals

My July projects weren't quite what I had envisioned at the start of the month, but I'm very happy with all my progress. Completed in July: Sailor's Rib Dishcloth - knitVelvet Cardigan - crochet Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochetOne Skein Wonder - knitStormy Day Socks - knitWingspan - knit July Goals... Continue Reading →

Unplugged Day

Today our local internet company was doing some work in our neighborhood which meant I had no internet all day. That in turn meant I had to take the day off of work. I thought I might spend the day relaxing and knitting, but instead I spent it cleaning and rearranging my office space. This... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (4)

I'm discovering that the key for me to make a lot of progress on a plain stockinette stitch project is to have something engrossing on in the background. What was starting to get a little tedious has just flown along today while I have been listening to some really interesting seminars. I'm almost to the... Continue Reading →

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