Day 202: A week’s worth of catch-up

I’ve returned from my travels! I’m exhausted but it was a very productive work trip.

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Day 201: A New Hat

I started on a new hat today. It is posing in front of the awesome project bag I got for xmas because I’m about to pack it up to take with me on my work trip this week. I will probably not be posting to the blog every day while I’m gone, but I plan to keep working on creative things in the evenings. You can look forward to a big catch-up post when I get back!

Day 200: A Scarf!

It is definitely finished now! I do like how the fringe turned out, even if fringe really isn’t my thing. I know the person I’m giving this scarf to will like it, and I got to learn something new.

Day 198: Scarf Finished? Or maybe not…

I’m done crocheting the scarf! Now I can decide if I want to add the fringe or not. If I am keeping it, I probably don’t want the fringe. But if I’m giving it to someone I should probably add it. Plus it means I get to learn how to do a new thing!

Day 197: Scarf Progress

So close to the end! I’ve started on the decreases for the last few rows. The pattern calls for adding tassels/fringe to the tapered edges but I’m not sure I want to. I kinda like the clean look it has now. What do you think?

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