Vampire Squid Blanket Pattern

I’m an Oceanographer, and although I don’t study squid, I do love them very much. The vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) is one of my favorite sea creatures. Maybe it says something about me, but when I saw people making mermaid tail blankets, my first thought was "I want that, but as a weird deep sea... Continue Reading →

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Cabin Socks progress (2)

It is exciting to get back to different projects after being focused on one thing for a whole month. I've basically added one new stripe since last time I showed these. This project is meant to be my office day project, so I'm not necessarily trying to rush through them. If I can get a... Continue Reading →

June 2023 Goals

I was so completely focused on my Napatree Tee this month that I didn't get much else done. But I did actually finish that one big project! Completed in May: Blue Napatree Tee - knit Current WIPs: Cabin Socks - knit Twists & Turns - knit Smiles for Miles Blanket - crochet May Goals in... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee finished!

It's done! It still needs to be blocked, but for the purposes of my monthly goals this is definitely a win! When I made my first version last year, it took just over four months. This one clocked in at just under one and a half months. What a huge difference! Of course it helped... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (14)

I didn't work on anything but this project over the weekend, and now I'm almost done! Both sleeves are done and I'm a few rows into the neck/collar. I tried it on over the weekend and it fits great. It feels a little bit shorter than my first one, but since it is cotton I... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (13)

I'm getting ready to head into the long weekend and will be taking a couple days off from the blog. I think I've managed to get back into the groove of this project after a short hiccup. The short rows for this sleeve are all finished and I'm getting close to starting the edging. I'm... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (12)

The first sleeve has been started and I am partway through the short rows. I think picking up all of the sleeve stitches somehow sapped all of my motivation for this project, though. It's not that I hate picking up stitches, I think it is just that the three needle bind off and then the... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (11)

I got the rest of the front finished! The only reason I didn't get to the three needle bind off is because I was tired after the last row of knitting. The final row on the front makes this pretty set of paired gathers. It looks very nice but takes a lot of concentration for... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (9)

I've finished most of the back and have just split for the shoulders. There's just a little bit of decreasing and short row shaping before I can start working on the front. It is really fun to have little sections that go really quickly after all of the knitting on the body. With a little... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (8)

Things feel a little bit slower now that I am knitting flat and have a lot of purling to do. Even with that speed bump, I'm still making really good time on this tee. There's just a couple more inches to go before I start shaping the neck and shoulders. My yarn cake is a... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (7)

Today I want to talk a little bit about the yarn I am using for this project. It is Cotton Kings Sultan Deluxe Shine that I got from Hobbii. My other tee was knit in the non-shiny version of this yarn. It was surprisingly nice to knit with for a cotton yarn. So far the... Continue Reading →

Blue Napatree Tee progress (6)

I can't believe I am already at the split for the sleeves! This project is definitely flying along. I decided that I couldn't completely ignore the color changes for the top half of the garment, but I really didn't want to micromanage them like I did for my rainbow version. Instead, this time I will... Continue Reading →

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