Vampire Squid Blanket Pattern

I’m an Oceanographer, and although I don’t study squid, I do love them very much. The vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) is one of my favorite sea creatures. Maybe it says something about me, but when I saw people making mermaid tail blankets, my first thought was "I want that, but as a weird deep sea... Continue Reading →

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Gramma’s Mini-cloth finished

I had a tiny bit of yarn leftover from my round of dishcloth making, and I couldn't bear to throw it out so I started this and finished it off with some more dishie in a different colorway. I like to use these mini-sized version of dishcloths as coasters.

Gramma’s Dishcloth finished!

Yep, I definitely understand why this pattern is so popular. While I still like the look of the circular dishcloths a bit better, this one is so much faster and easier to knit. They are perfect for stress-free gift knitting. I see many more of these in my future.

Gramma’s Dishcloth started

I decided that before I get back to knitting big projects I wanted to finish off this ball of Dishie Multi yarn. For all the dishcloths I've knitted up, I've never made the classic "Grandmother's Favorite" so I thought that would be fun. I looked up the pattern and ended up swapping to this one... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks finished!

They're done! I actually finished these up late yesterday. I'm so in love with the way they turned out. This is definitely my favorite of the Blue Brick sock club colorways so far. The gradient is beautiful and it worked up really well with the Hermione's Everyday Socks pattern. It was fun looking back and... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress (5)

I got almost as much knitting done over the weekend as I was hoping. Now I am just one or two rows away from starting the toes. Toes usually go very quickly for me, except for the graft at the end. That means these should be finished by tomorrow or Wednesday, unless I get distracted... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress (4)

I'm still missing a day of posting here or there because my knitting mojo is just not quite back to normal. I did get a bit of knitting done later last night while watching some TV. I've finished the gusset decreases and am on the smooth sailing of the foot, but still haven't reached the... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress (3)

I got plenty of progress on these again today. Both heels are now done and I am into the gusset. I'm having some trouble getting my camera to pick up the true colors of this yarn. The photo makes it look like I'm already into the blue but it is still very purple in fact.... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress (2)

I've made quite a lot of progress on these socks since the last time I showed them. I finished the heel flaps and one heel turn. You can see that once again the gradient is off by almost an inch between the two socks. I realized with the other gradient pair that I really didn't... Continue Reading →

Replacement Placemat finished!

I tried to make this one as close to the original as possible, including the crochet border. The border was necessary on the first one because my knitting was messy and my edges looked weird in some places because it was the first thing I ever knit. I could have left this one without the... Continue Reading →

Replacement Placemat progress

This project is a bit bigger than a regular dishcloth, so it is taking a little longer. I will definitely be worth it when it is finished since it will be just the right size for my needs. I'm really enjoying this Dishie yarn. The colors are very pretty and it seems a bit softer... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress

I am making these along with my knitting buddy, but I've fallen way behind. All my plans to knit over the weekend got ignored in favor of playing video games.** I've managed to put in a little time during conference calls, but not as much as I would like. More of my time is being... Continue Reading →

Ripple Lapghan

My recent introduction to tunisian crochet had me eager to try more. I actually started this a few weeks ago and have only been adding a row or two each time I pick it up. It will be a long term project this way, but it is letting me continue to practice this technique. I've... Continue Reading →

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