Yummy dinner

Sure, I worked on my hat a little tonight too, but I got tired of posting photos when I only get a row or two done at a time. Instead you can see my very yummy dinner, roast pork loin with rice and carrots.


Hat progress (7)

I've been back at this blog and back to my knitting for a whole week, hooray! It feels like this hat is progressing very slowly but I am learning new things and re-learning everything I forgot during my  break.

Hat progress (6)

Cables! These are slightly more complicated than the ones on my scarf, but not too bad. I am learning how to cross in front and behind since this pattern has both.

Hat progress (5)

Well I figured out how to knit 1 below. But apparently there's a normal way and then an increase way? Anyway I had to undo and redo some work to make sure I had the right number of stitches. After all that I only got one tiny section of the first cable row started. It... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (4)

I finished the ribbing today! Now I need to figure out what the heck "knit 1 below" means so I can start on the main section of the hat. Thank goodness for all the awesome youtube videos with knitting techniques!

Hat progress (3)

I'm almost finished with the ribbing now. The rest of the hat has cables, and I'm looking forward to that since it will make things more interesting!

Hat progress (2)

Another day, another row or two of this hat done. Ribbing isn't the most exciting thing to knit but that just makes it all the more soothing and meditative after a long day at work.

Back with a hat!

I'm back! I can't believe it's been about two weeks since I have written here. Life has been intensely busy but things have finally been settling down. During my down time I mostly took a break from crafty things. Instead I took some photos, and I also built a computer, which feels at least as... Continue Reading →

Irish Hiking Scarf Finished!

I finally finished it! It's beautiful and very warm and I love it. The best part is that it's still cold enough here to use it a few times before winter is over. This is also a good point for me to take a brief hiatus from the blog. I've got some major life event... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (29)

I was traveling yesterday so no post, but I did do a row on my scarf. Same thing today, I was in the car a lot but I did at least get a couple more rows done tonight when I got back.

March 2019 Goals

February was my first month of a new place and new job. It was hectic but I still managed to keep up with daily creative things. It feels bad that I have all the same WIPs that I had in January, but at least I also have two completed items to go with them! Completed... Continue Reading →

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