Day 264: More Blocking

Unfortunately it looks like all of my turquoise fish are way too big compared to the others. I don’t really want to have to re-make those but I suspect I will need to. At least once this batch dries I will have enough fish of the right colors to start joining a couple rows together if I want something to do as a break from making more fish.


Day 263: Red Fish

I’m still adding to the pile of fish. Today I finished off the last red fish I need. Just several shades of blue and green left to go.

Day 262: Blocking Fish

I had to experiment a little bit with tension and hook size since I’m using so many different yarns for this project. I decided to block some of the ones I have finished so I know if I need to change things moving forward. So far it looks like there may be one or two fish that will need to be re-done. Not too bad considering I’m almost halfway done making the fish.

Day 260: More Fish

Made a couple more fish today. I also double checked my pattern and realized I made the wrong number of yellow ones so I’ll have more to do even though I thought I was finished with yellow. Always double check your patterns!

Day 259: C2C Practice

I needed a break from all the fish so I decided to learn something new! I keep seeing patterns that use the corner to corner (C2C) method but I had never tried it. Last night I looked up some tutorials and I spent some time today messing around to see how it works. It was super easy once I got the hang of it. This little swatch is just the right size to keep my phone from knocking around on my glass desk. I’m sure I’ll be trying out some of the C2C patterns I’ve found now that I feel comfortable with the technique.

Day 258: Green Fish

It feels like I’ve made a ton of fish so far but I’m not even halfway done! I did at least get my time to finish one down to less than an hour. Progress!

Day 257: More Fish

I had time to make a few red fish today. That adds up to a total of 18 fish done. I’m trying to keep alternating the colors so I don’t get too bored making so many of the same thing. It is working so far!

Day 256: Fish

I’m still working away at these fish. I have the pattern memorized now and they are going much faster, but I still have so many to make! I think I might start blocking them soon too. That way I don’t have to do all of them at once.

Day 253: Two Blue Fish

I’ve done enough of these that I can watch TV and not worry about constantly checking the pattern. If I can get 1-2 done every day I should be able to finish this project before July!

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