Vampire Squid Blanket Pattern

I’m an Oceanographer, and although I don’t study squid, I do love them very much. The vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) is one of my favorite sea creatures. Maybe it says something about me, but when I saw people making mermaid tail blankets, my first thought was "I want that, but as a weird deep sea... Continue Reading →

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Countdown Cardi progress (2)

This pattern is quite addictive. I think it is something about using the beautiful minis from my advent. I feel like even if I don't have a lot of time for knitting, I usually have enough to add half a mini's worth to the project. I turned my work inside out so I could see... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress

I managed to knit my way back to where I was before I had to rip back. This has almost used up the first mini from my advent. The cuffs are using a different yarn (Knit Picks Swish DK) so I know I will have enough to do the cuffs and collar in the same... Continue Reading →

Highway Cowl started!

I started this project over the weekend while I was waiting for my Countdown Cardi swatch to dry. I just couldn't stand having empty needles. The pattern seems to be very nice and clear, and I am looking forward to learning 2-color brioche. Unfortunately I am not loving the yarn I chose. This is yarn... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi started!

I finished one sweater and that means it is time to immediately cast on the next one! This time I am making the Countdown Cardi (Ravelry link) so I can use up my advent yarn from 2022. The pattern has a fun sideways construction that means you start with the sleeves and work your way... Continue Reading →

Single Malt (for me) finished!

It's all done! I got very distracted but I finally managed to get it finished. This project was every bit as enjoyable as the first time I made it, but I probably should have knit something else in between these two sweaters just to keep things more interesting for myself. I love the color of... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf finished!

It's finished! I am really happy with this finished scarf. There was just barely enough black yarn in my stash to add 2 rows of single crochet to the ends. Once I finished with those I decided not to do the crab stitch border. If there had been enough of the black left I think... Continue Reading →

Single Malt (for me) progress (11)

I am definitely feeling the slowdown after going from the sleeve cuffs back to the full body. After working on this for a couple days I am definitely leaning toward saving the sleeves for last in future sweaters. On the other hand, I am enjoying being back to knitting in the round instead of worrying... Continue Reading →

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