Snood progress

I've been slowly chipping away at this project in front of the TV when it's too dark to work on anything else. Lately I have found myself leaning towards knitting over crochet most nights, but it always feels good to come back to something so familiar. I definitely don't want to lose my crocheting mojo... Continue Reading →


Double knit progress (11)

Work was delayed this morning due to snow, so I had a little time to make progress on my double knitting instead. Now that I'm done with my coffee cozy I'm going to try to finish this up too. It will be nice to have fewer works-in-progress to take with me when I move.

Coffee Cozy Finished!

It's all done! It was very snowy here today so I snuggled up with a cat and my knitting and finished binding off all those tiny stitches. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, and hopefully the person it's destined for will like it too.

Mini Almost Lost Washcloth

Did I really say I was going to stop casting on new things? Because I guess what I meant is that I'm just going to keep starting new projects randomly all the time like I always do. I had to work today, and then came home and had to do shopping and packing for my... Continue Reading →

Coffee Cozy half bound off

This photo looks a lot like yesterday's, but this time about half of the stitches are off the needles. I'm doing a stretchy bind-off, which is great for making sure the top will fit over the coffee mug, but is twice as much work as a plain bind-off. That plus the teeny-tiny stitches were enough... Continue Reading →

Coffee cozy progress (5)

I finished all the ribbing but I was too tired to bother binding off tonight. My life has been super busy and stressful lately and I am so thankful I've still been able to make time to spend at least a few minutes crafting every day. It has been amazing for helping me relax at... Continue Reading →

Coffee cozy progress (4)

All done with the colorwork! There's just a few rows of ribbing left to go. This is a really nice little project and I'm constantly amazed at how fast it is going. I swear all this practice is eventually going to finally give me the nerve to start a pair of socks. Someday.

Coffee cozy progress (3)

I'm more than halfway done now. You can really see the place where a new row starts, partly because I messed up the pattern slightly and partly because it's a bit stretched out there. I definitely need more practice knitting in the round, but that's what this project is for!

Coffee cozy progress

I made a bit of progress on this today. I got out of the ribbing and into the stranded colorwork section. Sometimes I feel like I'm tackling projects that are always slightly more advanced than I'm actually capable of, but that's how you learn I guess. Plus it's hard to get bored this way!

Coffee cozy cast on

Well, after saying yesterday that I was going to stop casting on new projects until I finished something, of course I cast on a new project today. I'm making this coffee cozy as a gift. It's good practice for a sock too. I've never used knitting needles this tiny before and getting everything started was... Continue Reading →

Spouse slippers finished!

I got the second slipper all seamed up tonight and it looks great! The spouse likes the fit of these, but he’s reserving final judgement until it’s cold enough to actually wear them around for a while. I will probably end up adding some silicone to the bottoms to make them non-slip too. It feels... Continue Reading →

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