Gift progress (10)

I wove in some ends and got about one more row done today. I usually like to weave in my ends as I go but I had been waiting a bit since my disaster where I had to undo so much work. The thing that took the most time (aside from having to re-stitch everything)... Continue Reading →


Gift progress (9)

Tonight I crocheted until I finished off another pair of skeins. Now I'm more than halfway through my yarn, and I think I'm still on track. We'll see soon as I start getting into the home stretch here. This is a really nerve-wracking game of yarn chicken.

Gift progress (8)

I keep taking these rather messy photos because I want to show off the volume of this piece without giving away exactly what it is. It is coming along beautifully and I'm starting to get more optimistic that I will actually have enough yarn to finish. Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (3)

I realized that I have been focused on crochet for the past few days, so I decided to switch it up tonight. Sadly I didn't have enough energy to do more than one row, but it's still progress!

Gift progress (7)

I made unexpected progress on this tonight. I decided to spend a quiet evening crocheting and watching old episodes of the Great British Baking Show. It was exactly what I needed after a long day of work and coming home to a sad, sick kitty. I feel refreshed, and by now I've totally forgiven this... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (6)

More progress today! Even though I am following a chart, this project is still much more relaxing than my double knitting. Probably because I can take the crochet stitches for granted but I still have to think about how to knit. It also helps that this yarn is much softer, even with all the metallic... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (5)

I actually set aside a block of time to work on this today and it felt great. I watched a whole movie and got a few rows done. I think it's almost a quarter of the way finished now, but it doesn't quite feel like it yet.

Gift progress (4…again)

Hooray! I got back to where I was before I had to start undoing so much of my work! All that loose yarn is finally incorporated back into the pattern. Maybe this weekend I can make some actual forward progress.

Double knit progress (2)

I couldn't face the mess of frogged yarn I have to deal with for my crochet project, so I am back to knitting tonight. Got a few more rows done and you can finally start to see some of the pattern. Double knitting feels a bit like magic with the way it gives you a... Continue Reading →

Gift unprogress

I did one row of knitting tonight and then decided I wanted to work on some crochet instead. I got almost two very long rows finished and then discovered a mistake. I had to pull out two entire rows of work, plus pick out the ends I had woven in already when I joined new... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (4)

I swapped back to crochet for tonight. You can see my disorganized WIP table with both projects on it though. I like having them out so I can just pick something up and start working on it if the mood strikes me. The downside is I have to make sure I keep the cats out... Continue Reading →

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