The Child progress (3)

Most of the body is finished now. It is looking like I might have enough stuffing for the body but not the legs and arms. I'm going to keep moving forward and get as much as I can done before I run out.

The Child progress (2)

I made some more progress on this adorable green baby today. As I start on the body I'm beginning to worry that I don't have enough stuffing for him. If I do run out I'll have to wait until I get home in a few weeks to finish him. In the meantime I can make... Continue Reading →

The Child progress

This photo doesn't look very different from yesterday's. The main difference is that the head is now full of stuffing. I really like making amigurumi but the tight stitches make my hands cramp up so I can only make a little progress at a time.

The Child started

Once again I had great plans to work on my socks and instead I started yet another new project. This time I was overwhelmed by the internet sensation and star of the new Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Of course I'm talking about The Child (aka Baby Yoda). I had seen various images and... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl progress (5)

It is almost done! I knit a couple more rows and started the bind off tonight. Unfortunately the super stretchy bind off takes me absolutely forever, so I gave up after doing about half of it. Soon!

Scrap Cowl progress (4)

I think it is just about done now. It feels like it is a comfortable length to be warm and snug. I'll give it a few more rows of purple to match the beginning and then I'll finish it off. It's not quite to my taste but hopefully someone will appreciate it!

Fuzzy Mittens started

I just couldn't resist starting mittens right away to match the fuzzy hat I made over the holiday. I officially have way too many projects going at once. At least these should be fairly quick. Crochet with bulky yarn goes at lightspeed compared to knitting with sock yarn.

Scrap Cowl progress (3)

I've kept making steady progress on this cowl in between other projects. It is a bit of a lovely mess because I've been making it up as I go along. Now I'm mostly out of the interesting colors of yarn from my thrift store find, so all that's left is to figure out how wide... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving projects

I had every intention of getting tons of work done on my socks over the holiday weekend. Instead, I started and finished multiple new projects and barely touched my socks. On Friday I braved going out to buy some supplies from the craft store, and bought some fuzzy yarn I couldn't resist. After debating patterns... Continue Reading →

December 2019 Goals

I realized last night that I completely forgot to do goals for November, whoops! It is probably because I was out of town on the first of the month. I'm going to play catch-up here. Completed in October: A black cat dishcloth A cute bat dishcloth Completed in November:  Among the Trees scarf Multiple holiday... Continue Reading →

Yarn chicken dishcloth

I tried to throw together a second dishcloth from the leftover yarn, but I definitely lost at yarn chicken. I was only able to make 13 out of 14 repeats for the pattern before I ran out. Fortunately I think it will still lay flat once I sew it together. If not I will just... Continue Reading →

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