Harmonize Shawl progress

The combination of yarn and needles continues to be a complete joy to work with. However, I can tell that this project is very quickly going to reach the point where I have no idea how to take a good photo of it. At least this first section is very simple and relaxing to knit.... Continue Reading →

Three Xmas Gifts

Today I'm showing off the start of my Harmonize shawl, as well as the rad new project bag that my SIL gave me for xmas. The Incyanity yarn was also an xmas gift, from my spouse. It's a wool/silk blend that is way too pretty to turn into socks. I don't think I've ever knit... Continue Reading →

Feather Dishcloth started

I started this feather dishcloth to keep practicing and using up scrap yarn. I'm not sure how I feel yet about the blue I just added, but we'll see when it is finished. It took a couple of tries to get this pattern to stick in my brain without messing up, but now I think... Continue Reading →

Seamless Circular Cloth

I'm trying something new this week. Inspired by my struggles with kitchener stitch, I wanted to make some quick projects to either practice or learn new skills. That means I'll be making some more dishcloths. It will use up some of my leftover cotton, and also help me feel like I'm having some quick success... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks finished!

I did it! Those decrease rows went so fast that I didn't have any excuse not to try to finish everything up today. I also learned that I had definitely been doing Kitchener stitch wrong before. I learned this after finishing one sock, but oh well. At least one of these socks has a perfectly... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks progress (14)

Maybe I will get these done before the weekend! There's just a couple rows of decreases left to do now. If I am very ambitious tomorrow I could try to stitch at least one of the toes closed after I'm done with the knitting, otherwise I will leave it for the weekend. Either way these... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks progress (13)

They're getting so close to being finished and I'm so impatient! Progress always feels so much slower during the week, probably because I have way less time for knitting. I feel pretty confident these will get done before next week at least, even if I know it will take me an entire afternoon to re-learn... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks progress (12)

Look at this beautiful progress. That may not look like much but it is in fact the start of the toe decreases. I'm weirdly paranoid about somehow ending up with them being too short but I double checked against the pattern and against my previous pair of socks and they should be good. I really... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks progress (10)

Here's a closer view of the diagonal pattern on these socks. I enjoy the fact that these get simpler and simpler the closer I get to being finished. It makes me feel like they will be flying off my needles any minute now.

Diagon Alley Socks progress (9)

You can finally start to see the diagonal line that gives these socks their name! Right about now I am feeling very glad that I am knitting these two-at-a-time. Everything is flying along but I'm getting itchy to start something new. I can stay much more motivated knowing that there's no risk of second sock... Continue Reading →

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