Day 322: Another new project

This is something that I started over my blog break last week. I only worked on it a little bit today, but I’m excited to show it off to you. It is only humble granny stitch, but hopefully the finished item will be something I can use all winter!


Day 321: Shawl progress

This is an incredibly busy week for me at work. By the time I came home today I was too tired to do much crochet, but every little bit helps. The colors of this shawl are so beautiful, it really is a pleasure to make. Even with all the beads.

Day 320: Shawl progress

I finished up the body of the shawl last week. Now I’m working on the beaded edging. I’m glad I like the way it looks because otherwise I would have no patience for adding all these beads.

Day 319: Back with a blanket!

I’m back! The worst of my emergency situation is passed, and life is slowly settling back down to normal. I decided to call this day 319 instead of 309 because I did actually work on my creative projects every day during my hiatus. I just didn’t have the energy to photograph and post things here. Plus, on a few days, “do something creative” meant 5 minutes of crochet in between other things.

The big news, though, is that I finished my fish blanket! The border went much faster than the joining, and the wavy stitch was fun to do. Now it is time to pack this beautiful blanket away until the weather gets cooler.

Temporary Hiatus

Daily Creative Thing is on a temporary hiatus due to a personal emergency. I am fine but crafting and blogging need to take a back seat to other things for a bit. Don’t worry, I still plan to finish my fish blanket before the end of the month!

Day 308: Shawl progress

The rows are going very quickly now that I’m getting close to the bottom of the shawl. I managed to finish two bead rows tonight. Soon I will have to decide if I’m going to bead the border or just leave it plain. It’s a lot of extra work but it sure looks pretty.

Day 307: Shawl progress

I had the windows open tonight and was enjoying the sound of the happy frogs outside. I think they were trying to warn me to be more careful. I caught a mistake but had to frog back an entire beaded row to fix it.

Day 306: Joining and yarn chicken

I finally finished all the joining on my fish blanket! I only had a small ball of white left when I started the last join, and I decided to play “yarn chicken” and see if it would last for the whole row. It did, just barely. The little tangle of white yarn at the top of the blanket is all that was left of my skein. I couldn’t have planned it any more perfectly. Now all it needs is blocking and a border!

Day 305: Shawl progress and broken glass

I made a little progress today. I also had my first broken bead. Luckily it only broke into two main pieces. It did, however, leave behind a bit of powdered glass. So I lost a little bit of crochet time cleaning up my work space making sure I got rid of it all.

Day 304: Shawl progress

I made some good progress on this shawl tonight. Now you can see the full pattern repeat. Plus from this angle you can actually see some of the beads I worked so hard on!

Day 303: Shawl progress

Got a little bit more of this shawl done tonight. It’s working up very quickly other than the beads. You care barely even see them in this photo but they look nice and sparkly in person!

Day 302: Shawl progress

I know it looks like a random mess of yarn, but there really are about 5 rows of shawl in there. The beads are very pretty but they do add a lot of time. Hopefully that will go faster as I get the hang of it.

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