Barley Baby Hat!

I started this over the weekend and it is so tiny that it took no time at all to finish. I'm not sure how I feel about the shaping of this hat, but the pattern is a perfect match for the baby Flax sweater I just knit. Once again it is very fun and satisfying... Continue Reading →

Volcano Trail finished!

It's all done! I had some concerns about how the finishing and seaming were going to go, so I did things slightly out of order. I seamed the top collar first, which went fine but would have been too much sewing for me if I had done both collars and the back seam all at... Continue Reading →

Volcano Trail progress (7)

The garter stitch section is all done, and I've joined everything back in the round for the bottom edge. I'm excited to get to the finishing of this project because I am curious how it will go. There are several different bits that will need to be seamed together, as well as some duplicate stitch.... Continue Reading →

Flax Baby Sweater finished!

It is done already! This little sweater took less than a week from start to finish. I made the 6-12 month size and it used just barely more than one skein of yarn. It's a little bigger than I expected but I would rather make something that the baby can grow into instead of something... Continue Reading →

Volcano Trail progress (6)

I've been making solid progress and am almost halfway through the last section of garter stitch. I got a little distracted over the weekend with the baby sweater I started, but it was nice to take a break. I'm looking forward to getting back to this again and getting it done before the end of... Continue Reading →

Flax Baby Sweater started

I had been meaning to start on this project for a while and I finally decided to go for it on Friday afternoon. As you can see I made a lot of progress on it over the weekend too. This is a gift for a friend who is expecting soon. I've never really knit any... Continue Reading →

Starting Grid Hat finished!

It's all done! Once I finished with the main section, the decreases took no time at all. Now it goes into the gift pile that is accumulating ahead of the holidays. If I can finish the cowl and at least one other gift knit this month I should be on track for all of my... Continue Reading →

Starting Grid Hat progress (2)

More hat progress today! I've been spending most of my knitting time on my cowl, but I'm still working on this a bit too. Something about pure stockinette is too boring for me, but keeping track of a purl stitch every once in a while is just enough to keep it interesting. Now it is... Continue Reading →

Volcano Trail progress (5)

I think I was in a slump with this project and hadn't fully realized it. Now all of a sudden I feel like I want to keep working on it all the time. I'm not sure what changed, other than the color of yarn I'm using! I'm grateful for it though, because I'd like to... Continue Reading →

Starting Grid Hat progress

I've been trying to alternate between working on this project and my cowl, to make sure I am making progress on both. That does mean that I'm not zipping through this one like I usually do with hats. I did finish the ribbing and have started into the main pattern. It is a lot less... Continue Reading →

Volcano Trail progress (4)

I finished another section of this cowl, and just started the first row with "color C" held double. That means I am nearly at the halfway point for the project. It is starting to get a bit heavy, like the beginning of a sweater. It's certainly going to be a very warm, snuggly cowl when... Continue Reading →

Starting Grid Hat started

I'm trying to take a short break from socks for a bit, so when I got the urge to cast on something new this weekend I started this hat. It is intended to be part of the gift knitting I'm doing for xmas this year. There's only an inch of ribbing so far so it... Continue Reading →

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